Friday, March 11, 2011

Sry all for not updating our fam blog..
will try to update it when free (busy tagging ma, lol)
Was happy some of our members have come back to our fam ^^


Those who wish to join back HotStuff may apply again.
Hope to see u guys online

HotStuff Cheers!

~We Are Always Hot ~

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

~ Our New Home ~

We finally bought this house
It can accomodate 30 members

Those who are active and wish to come back
you may apply at the fam office.
As our rank has not updated yet
so just search for our fam and apply.

Do donate more to our fam as we havent buy
the clock and the notice board yet..

Hope u guys like our new home

HotStuff Cheers ~

Saturday, October 16, 2010

14th Oct 2010 was a bad day for HotStuff

While i was tagging, suddenly a notice pop up saying
the change of master in our fam
and for the very next second i realized that i was being kick out of the fam.
I smell a rat and sense that something bad is going to happen.
I quickly went to the fam office to see and was shocked to see that
our fam has GONE !
There is no more HotStuff in the place of Rank 7
Stupid hackers not only hacked our fam,
he kick all members and disband our HotStuff !

I was so mad that i immediately mega!
ps: Huni pls dun see this mega, u sure will say why i so fierce? =p (angry ma)

I was lucky to have met GMPurpleGem
(Tks to my friend yan for telling me GM online)
So i quickly went to find her.
And i realized that it was her birthday and was worried that she
might not have the time to entertain me. I keep pm her until she finally reply.
GMPurpleGem told me that she can give us back our fam with
only our old fam points and rank.
The rest like our house, bulletin, members all she can't retrieve back.
I'm contented.
At least we got back our fam.

She ask me to log out and back in 5 mins.
When im back, i was so happy to see that our HotStuff is back again.

Thanks alot to GMPurpleGem
We all love you <3
In order to show my thanks to her i mega again

Huni mega too
Now temporary we can only accomodate 10 members.
We will try to donate and buy a bigger house for our fam again.
Those who are active and wish to join back HotStuff please be patient to wait.
Right now, we only left 3 slots, will work in a "1st come 1st serve basics"

Lets look forward to our new HOME

HotStuff CHEERS~~~

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We had Fam channel today
so managed to see S3XY, VIA and Darx3 online.
For so long we had not been playing together like this.. Really miss those
days where a lot of members online. Where are the rest? Can u guys try to
online more often? Is it all too busy or MIA?

May be we need to have another so called CLEARING session again..
Will kick those members who are inactive. But i will observe till the end of this month.
Those who really inactive or never mark attendance at all, very sorry you will be expelled.
As i know, some members who really wish to stay in the fam but has no time to online,
you may ask other members to mark your attendance if you trust anyone of them.

Till today, we still haven't hit the records of FULL ATTENDANCE.
So far, i have been helping 3 other members to mark their attendance.
Anyone who need my help can send msg to my inbox or pm me.
Hope to see u guys again..


--HS-S3XY- and OhMyBabyGirl

Wedding Party success ~

Monday, July 5, 2010

We were supporting S3xy and her cpl in the Couple Competition
All the way frm 1st round till Semi Final
S3xy n her cpl were doing good till " laggingness" found her..
and she was frustrated i guess?
And she says something.... "fck" !

Look here S3xy...
HUGS ask me ss de hor =p
Blame him dun blame me ar !

Anyway gratz S3xy n your cpl managed to get into semi final,
keep it up and go for the Champion!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Love Party of


Pypy why your TEDDIE covered your eyes?


Nice pose pypy <33

Gratz pypy Love party success!
Jiayous for the next rings
gogo !!